Slowly but surely, America is getting back to it's roots.

All around the great United States, people are picking up where their ancestors left off. Wood is being plained, iron is being melted, and axes are being sharpened.

What is Drift Journal?

Drift is an online publication for everyone who appreciates the work it takes to make something of quality. It is the story of heritage craft in the United States.

Exploring heritage craft in America.

Drift is for anyone who has longed to set aside their mouse in favor of a chisel, trade their tie for an apron, or abandon their suit for a skillet. It is for those who take the time to appreciate their local craftsman, the selvedge stitches, the wood fired bread, the dovetail joints, and the skill it took to make them.

How Drift got started

Drift started from four friends’ common appreciation for all things hand-made. Wishing we felt a greater connection to our local community of craftspeople, we started Drift to explore the story of heritage craft here in the United States. As artists ourselves, we recognize the value in creating something of worth, and we deeply respect the amount of time, talent, and skill that goes into it.

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