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My job is to tell stories. My tool for telling them, still or motion is the camera. Which is funny, because the best stories always happen in the moments when people forget that I am holding a camera. Those moments aren’t a matter of magic or alchemy: They’re created by instinctively knowing where to be and what to do in order to be invisibly present in exactly the right spot at precisely the right time. Even on the most expansive projects, I bring only the gear absolutely needed, keeping my presence and the crew small. When the shoot starts, we’re in subtly choreographed and constant motion, playing with angles, jockeying for new perspectives. All the while, the story’s there. And in the midst of all that intense activity, those moments that speak volumes reveal themselves. Sometimes gradually, sometimes all at once. When they do, it’s as if the camera’s not even there. Inspiration comes from collaboration. I am probably guilty of having too many irons in the fire, but I think it actually keeps me inspired, keeps me from burning out. I love to shoot. Clients who love my work range in size and scope, but favorite projects include names such as Apple, Samsung, or Purina. They also include everyday people like Bill Holm, a poetic man with a visuals and a story richer than the biggest brand production could ever entail.

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