The process of creating hand cut wood block prints is so completely fascinating and seeing the detail of how it is done has made us appreciate Nick’s works of art so much more. When you’ve finished looking through the images, be sure to read our interview with Nick for more details on the how and why of his work. And be inspired.(The following print that we documented took place over the course of approximately 300 hours of work. Just try to wrap your mind around that for a moment…)

Nick-002NickWroblewski01 NickWroblewski02 NickWroblewski03 NickWroblewski04 NickWroblewski05  NickWroblewski07 NickWroblewski08 NickWroblewski09 NickWroblewski10 NickWroblewski11 NickWroblewski12  NickWroblewski14 NickWroblewski15 NickWroblewski16  NickWroblewski23 NickWroblewski24 NickWroblewski25  NickWroblewski40 NickWroblewski44  NickWroblewski27

The capacity to make things with one’s own hands is an entirely human ability and one that we seem to be getting more and more removed from.

NickWroblewski29 NickWroblewski30 NickWroblewski31 NickWroblewski32 NickWroblewski33 NickWroblewski34  NickWroblewski36    NickWroblewski46 NickWroblewski47 NickWroblewski48   NickWroblewski51 NickWroblewski52 NickWroblewski53 NickWroblewski54 (1)NickWroblewski55 NickWroblewski56  NickWroblewski60 NickWroblewski64 NickWroblewski65  NickWroblewski67 NickWroblewski68 NickWroblewski69 NickWroblewski70   NickWroblewski66