Sometimes the best ideas come out of the least likely of places. And sometimes those ideas can only become reality through the foundation of friendship. At least that’s the story of Sean Yargeau and Brandon Davis, the founders of Sharklion handcrafted eyewear.

After meeting in college while studying architectural design, Sean and Brandon realized their individual abilities made more sense when brought together. Their opposing, yet complimentary approaches to design served as the catalyst to Sharklion’s beginnings.

You don’t hear much about people being inspired by cities facing adversity, willing—desiring, even—to carry the image of a city like that on their backs. But that’s exactly the hope of Sharklion. Drawing from their beloved Detroit, their enamored feelings toward the city and its architecture is translated into a design that becomes a pair of frames. Detroit’s known for its trench work, for its grit and its durability. So is Sharklion and the frames they create.

If you care about craftsmen who’s attention to detail is second to none, who care about creating a product specific and unique to each customer, who care enough to not settle for the status quo of their own product, then these are your people.

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They describe their creation process as follows: “The designs of our frames are created from our contrasting tastes in design. Every shape is inspired by our individual infatuations with the architecture of Detroit. Brandon’s designs reflect the more modern, serene buildings of the 1950s, while the classic, ornate buildings of the 1920s influence mine.

The physical creation of each pair starts from the selection of our locally sourced, re-purposed wood veneers. Every pair involves a long process of harvesting the wood and laminating it to create the strong plywood foundation that our frames are made from. The frame is then cut from the lamination and hand finished to fit the client. Because the client chooses the species of wood for the face of the frame, and every piece of wood has its own individual grain, each pair is a unique creation”

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